Who We Are

Maxtron Media is a Dublin-based production company that has been involved in all aspects of content production & distribution since 2003. We currently provide services to some very happy clients in the UK and Ireland: Smyths Toys Superstores, Disney Channel UK, Sony Pictures Europe, and many more.

We're a one-stop solution for all your advertising & promotional needs. We have a fast turnaround and a very cost effective rate; whilst always maintaining a consistent quality.

Our Ethos

We don't waste money! We take a smart approach to budgeting, whilst never compromising the quality of the production.

We get worldwide perpetual rights on our talent & VO artists; so you never pay repeat fees -- and due to the quantity of content we produce, we have great rates with the top Dublin casting agencies. We own our equipment and have an inhouse studio, which allows us to pass relative savings onto our clients. Our studio is always ready to roll and we have quick access to cast & crew. Being a small company, it allows us to maintain our client's vision throughout the entire creative and production processes. There is no scope for miscommunication between different departments. From the original client meeting, to the storyboard, the casting, organising the shoot, directing the shoot, all the way down to the final edit; you're always dealing with the same person, so there is constant communication, constant availability, and one consistent point of contact throughout the entire process. The person you first spoke to about your vision, is the same person delivering it all the way along its journey.

We offer the complete end to end solution for your content, from concept to delivery.

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